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Social Sub-commission of the Bishops’ Conference prepared videos and list of charitable activities 
P:3, 16. 03. 2022 12:14,

Bratislava, 16 March (TK KBS) The aim of the videos prepared for the participants of the European Catholic Social Days by the Social Subcommittee of the Slovak Bishops' Conference (KBS) is to present and show selected social initiatives. They are available on the Commission's YouTube channel

"At the event, which will take place from Thursday to Sunday in Bratislava, guests will debate the theme Europe beyond the pandemic: a new beginning. Participants will discuss three transitions - the demographic transition related to family life; the second is the technological and digital transition, and the third is the ecological transition. We have therefore decided to bring these themes of the Social Days to our reality," says Secretary of the Social Sub-Commission of the Slovak Bishops’ Conference, Katarína Hulmanová. 

The theme of social challenges and an outline of a possible path of renewal are presented in two videos - the Greek Catholic Charity of Prešov and the Home of St. John of God in Spišské Podhradie. The issues of demographic changes and family life, the differences between the rural areas and the city are grasped by Martin Mekel and Mr. and Mrs. Lazorik from the Greek-Catholic Roma Mission. Priest Branislav Kožuch, chairman of the V.I.A.C. civic association from Orava and the Congregatio Jesu sisters from the community in Jarovce looked at the technological and digital transformation from their point of view. The theme of ecological transformation for the benefit of all was presented by Martin Dado, responsible for the community of the needy in Ambrosov Laz near Bzovik.

"With the videos, we want to bring at least a small piece of the enormous good that these and countless other initiatives are doing all over the country," Hulman added. "The initially simple filming turned into an inspiring adventure for me the very first time we talked. Each time I thought to myself, after all, I know what our topic is and what the different organizations and people on the paper are dedicated to. But after each visit, I remained stunned by the stories these heroes experience, their creativity in dealing with all kinds of situations and their perseverance, which bears real fruit," said cameraman Michal Smoleň about shooting the videos.  

The KBS Sub-commission also prepared a list of charitable Catholic initiatives. There is more information and links to the work of Catholic charities, religious orders, communities, movements, associations and Roma pastoral care.

"These are those who are on the front line of serving the needy in our country. They deserve our praise and thanks for what they do. Many times at the expense of their own time, many times without hearing a simple thank you. They are at the forefront of the apostolate of solidarity and respect for the human person. They are close to man and always with man. I thank them for their service, time, effort and sacrifice. I pray that they will always have more and more followers who will go in their footsteps and continue their work," said Vladyka Peter Rusnák, President of the Social Sub-Commission of the Slovak Bishops’ Conference. 

List of Catholic charitable initiatives is available in Slovak and in English.

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